Calily Life

Herbal Brightening Toner w/ Witch Hazel

 Cleanses, Brightens, and Tones


Natural and High Quality Ingredients - This toner is made of a signature blend of natural extracts, coming together to help your skin look and feel amazing.

Main Benefits - This natural formula serves has many benefits. It gently cleans dirt and oil, purifying your pores and smoothing skin imperfections. The natural botanical ingredients in this formula will help balance your skin with their powerful antioxidant properties. Cleanses and brightens! 

Use - Apply this toner before moisturizing for the perfect skin care routine.

Calily Life's founders believed that the highest quality products come from only the highest quality ingredients. Our entire collection uses the highest grade natural ingredients; which have a wide range of benefits and uses to enhance our daily lives. We believe that these high quality ingredients have the power to make you look good, and FEEL GREAT.

Ingredients List is pictured.

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