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DCX Eye Cream w/ Peptides and Hyaluronate. Targets Dark Circles, Puffiness, and Fine Lines.


Natural and High Quality Ingredients - This eye cream is made from a powerful peptide formula that helps reduce dark circles. The botanical proteins in this eye cream strengthen the skin, making you look younger and fresher. Dark circles by the eyes are caused by poor circulation to the skin, and are a result of stress, lack of sleep, and age. This formula is specially crafted to increase the circulation to the micro-capillaries of the skin, reducing dark circles.

Main Benefits - This natural formula will have you feeling younger and healthier than ever. This cream is healthy to use around the eyes, keeping your face and eyes looking amazing.

Calily Life's founders believed that the highest quality products come from only the highest quality ingredients. Our entire collection uses the highest grade natural ingredients; which have a wide range of benefits and uses to enhance our daily lives. We believe that these high quality ingredients have the power to make you look good, and FEEL GREAT.

Ingredients List is pictured.

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