Calily Life

Tea Tree Salt Foot Soak w/ Dead Sea Minerals


  • SOFTENS – packed with ingredients that amazingly softens and revitalizes the skin; soaking feet for 15-20 minutes softens the skin and helps to easily remove callouses, corns etc. Soothes dry and cracked skin. Paraben free and fda compliant, the tea tree foot soak is hypoallergenic, is safe for sensitive skin and is not associated with any side effects. Enjoy silky soft and refreshed feet!
  • DEODORIZES & CLEANS – features natural ingredients that kill odor-causing bacteria, eliminating foot odors at its source. Get rid of smelly feet, eliminate scratching and itching, enjoy the great feeling of having fresh, odor-free feet!
  • ELIMINATES FUNGUS & BACTERIA – the calilylife foot soak’s special blend features natural disinfectants and anti-fungal properties, which combats fungus and other bacteria. Helps eliminate and protect against athlete’s foot, fungus and toe-nail infections. Alleviates itching and burning sensations, leaving feet rejuvenated!
  • RELAXES & SOOTHES – pamper yourself with a relaxing and soothing foot soak after a hard day of work. Enjoy a luxurious relaxation experience, alleviating swelling, inflammation, foot aches and pains while rejuvenating your senses with the foot soak’s pleasant aroma. Soak away stress and energize your tired feet after a long day! / formulated with enhanced high grade minerals and organics.


In a foot bath or tub with warm water, dissolve 3 tablespoons. Soak feet for 20-25 minutes. For external use only.

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