Calily Life

Eye Treatment w/Persian Silk Tree Extract and Asteraceae Siegesbeckia Orientalis


Lifts Eyes and Reduces Wrinkles!

Natural and High Quality Ingredients - This amazing eye treatment is made with many of the world finest ingredients, starting with Persian Silk Tree Extract. This extract is specially sourced to help lift eyelids and reduce wrinkles. This ingredient in combination with many others such as Asteraceae Siegesbeckia Orientalis help give your eyes a smoother, more youthful appearance. Here at Calily Life we believe that our products are only as good as the products we put inside them. This is why we only use the worlds best ingredients, and we are sure you will see and feel the Calily Life difference.

Main Benefits - This amazing formula has many great benefits. The Persian Silk Tree Extract in this formula helps lift up your eyelids, helping you appear younger and healthier. This is just the beginning of many great benefits this eye treatment has, including fighting wrinkles, reducing crows feet, and diminishing dark circles.

Calily Life's founders believed that the highest quality products come from only the highest quality ingredients. Our entire collection uses the highest grade natural ingredients; which have a wide range of benefits and uses to enhance our daily lives. We believe that these high quality ingredients have the power to make you look good, and FEEL GREAT.

Ingredients List is pictured.

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